Can anything be more important?

Internet. An eight-letter word which might as well mean skills, jobs, knowledge, communication & safety. Can anything really be more important?

"Isizwe has demonstrated a real sense of social responsibility and service to those in need - qualities that were manifested in their outreach interventions at community level."
Irfaan Petersen
Economic Development Manager
Acciona Energy Global South Africa

R5 WiFi for Africa

Our mission is to install WiFi Zones within walking distance of every home in Africa with uncapped data available for only R5 a day or R100 a month. 

Community owned WiFi network

We’ve tested all the models, here is what works: A newly created special purpose vehicle is formed and owned by the community of your choice. Isizwe then assists this community with all technical and managerial aspects of the network. Because the WiFi Zones are owned by the community, they protect & maintain the infrastructure from theft or damage. R5 WiFi tokens are sold by distributors on the ground not only creating more jobs but ensuring the network expands further. 

How can you join our efforts?

African communities cannot afford the expensive costs involved in rolling out WiFi infrastructures, nor do they have the technical know-how to install it. 

The latter is where we come in. The former is where they need the help of responsible Social Corporate Investment. 

Investing in a community-owned WiFi project is not only a great idea, but your loan will be paid back within 2 years!

Receive a custom made solution

Let us send you a custom made proposal. Here is what to expect:

Financial Projections

Our projects have a simple financial model that works. Various funding structures are available to you and we will discuss them in-depth, but all of them end with your investment being repaid in 2 years.

Location Selection

We know where the WiFi should go, and where it will be used most. Leave it to us to visit the community and select the best locations for public WiFi installations.

Educational Portal

We care about education, that is why we have spent a considerable amount of resources into developing an educational portal for Isizwe WiFi users. R5 WiFi is the key to empowering all Africans!

Software Solution

Isizwe is partnered with Facebook in the continuous development of an easy to use software solution. Our solution makes it effortless for anyone to connect to any of our WiFi zones in seconds.

Community Outreach

Our team have worked with dozens of informal & rural communities across South Africa. We will reach out to the community with you, or on your behalf, and flawlessly execute the project.

Project Management

This is where we shine. We've installed thousands of WiFi Zones across the nation. When you work with us, your internal team can rest assured that the job is taken care of.

Get in touch

Let's not delay. Get in touch so we can serve your community with R5 Uncapped WiFi!